Izzie was born on October 1, 2009. We were kind of settled in with our two older Border Collies, but look at her…need we say more?  She is an amazing dog with lots of love and energy and a great companion.




RIP to our boy Caesar.   He loved to play Frisbee and tug rope with Beau and Izzie. Caesar’s favorite HTB treat was our Chop Lickin’ Chicken.  He was never a drooler, but this treat actually made him lick his chops and drool!  That’s how we came up with the name.  Our memories of him will last forever.IMG_0363


Beau & Caesar were littermates. We adopted her when she was 2.  Beau was trained to be a champion show dog and has won numerous “Best in Show” competitions. She was named “Lily Bo Peep” but we decided to call her Beau.